About Car Connect

   One of the critical measurements of development is access to transportation and there is definitely no transportation like personal vehicles. While caution must be given to global emissions and environmental impact, only about 1billion cars owned by estimated 400million out of the over 7 billion people in the world are out there. This means that discounting urban dwellers with preference for other means of transportation such as trains, the need for personal vehicles still has over1billion people whose desires are unmet. 


 While people in most developed countries can easily get a car on credit with flexible payment plans, bulk of the developing world with billions of people cannot get even a 15 year old vehicle on any payment terms that are remotely consistent with their income.  


    Car Connect simply wants to bridge this huge development divide by making personal mans of transportation more accessible to more people in the world especially those in less developed nations and communities. Car Connect which trades on the compassionate ethos of its parent, Development Channel offers its array of vehicle ownership options through various payment plans with little or no interests as well as insisting on quality of products delivered.


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